Ready to eat upon arrival, fava leaves impart a mild, sweet flavor reminiscent of the legume without the additional work of shelling, blanching and peeling. Comparable in appearance to spinach, fava leaves are relatively thick, with a soft, pleasant mouthfeel.


Microgreens vs SproutsWhile often confused, knowing the difference between microgreens and sprouts will likely decrease your risk of contracting or spreading a foodborne illness. Sprouts are derived from germinating seeds in water, under minimal sunlight, within a warm, humid environment for a duration of roughly 48-72 hours. This process provides the perfect conditions for the cultivation of bacteria, while obtaining the bare minimum characteristics required for the food category (i.e. roots, stems and small immature leaves). For these reasons, the FDA highly recommends against the consumption of raw sprouts.

In comparison, microgreens are grown a few weeks past germination in nutrient-rich soil with the aid of full sunlight. Based on their variety, they are grown to their ideal stage of maturity in an environment that limits, if not all together voids, the potential propagation of harmful pathogens. Placing food safety concerns aside, the greater level of care necessary in the growth process of microgreens also ensures a far superior flavor and adds to their extraordinary nutritional value.

A true testament to the quality you can garner from microgreens can be seen in every ounce of product provided to you from Arizona Microgreens. By utilizing the above mentioned process and strictly organic growing methods within a sustainable environment, they have pinpointed a process that allows them to provide safe, ultra-fresh product, packed with an intense flavor and all the vital nutrients your body craves.


Aries BeefSince 1975, Aries Prepared Beef has been the preferred supplier of delicious, high quality meats made fresh-to-order to the nation’s finest delis and food establishments. Longevity in the industry allows them to keep costs down, while providing you with nothing but the best, specially selected cuts of your guests’ favorite savory product.

Premium cuts and extensive quality control measures are at the foundation of Aries success, allowing for the exceptional levels of freshness, appearance and flavor you’ll come to depend on. We are extremely confident that both you and your guests will be delighted once you experience, “The Aries Difference”.

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USDA OrganicHealth consciousness and GMO fears attributed to a 12% gain in organic sales in 2013, raising sales in the industry to a record breaking $35.1 billion. In a study released by the Organic Trade Association (OTA) which surveyed 1,200 households across the nation with at least one child under 18, results showed that 25% of parents were buying organic to avoid placing GMOs on their childrens’ plates. Additionally, the study concluded that people are becoming more knowledgeable about fundamentals/purchasing of organic products and that 8 out of 10 American families are purchasing organics, even if on an irregular basis.

Another study conducted by Newcastle University in the U.K. released on the heals of the OTA’s finding, reports conclusive data backing the higher nutritional value of organic produce. While previously debunked by a 2012 study conducted by Stanford University and a 2009 study by the UK Food Standards Agency, Newcastle’s study is considered to be definitive due to the greater quantity and quality of studies and current data reviewed (343 studies were analyzed, 6-2.5 more in comparison to previous reports).
So What did they find?…

  • Organics contain up to 60% more antioxidants (meaning you could increase antioxidant intake by 20-40%, without increasing calorie count. All things equal, to obtain the same antioxidant intake you would have to eat one to two additional serving of conventional produce).
  • 48% lower cadmium levels (cadmium is inherent to the Earth’s crust and found within phosphorus fertilizers. It is a toxic metal with potential to accumulate in the body and is attributed to organ failure. Note that overexposure is most common through inhalation at an industrial work environments and not by participating in a healthy diet.)
  •  And of course lower pesticide residue levels