The amazing flavor of umami in one incredible ingredient. Black garlic is not a garlic variety, but rather raw garlic in an aged state. Originally, black garlic was aged for one hundred days in a special fermentation process under high heat, where it develops its darker color, softer texture, and sweeter taste. Garlic contains sugars and amino acids. When garlic undergoes fermentation, these elements produce melanoidin, a dark-colored substance that is responsible for the color of black garlic. Now, the garlic is monitored in heat and humidity for three weeks, with a regular sampling for quality and consistency; then the garlic is placed on special racks to cool and dry over the course of a final (fourth) week.

The flavor is a wonderfully complex mix of molasses-like richness, balsamic finish and tangy garlic undertones. It has a tender, almost jelly-like texture with a consistency similar to a soft dried fruit. It is not a substitute for regular garlic, but has its own distinct flavor. Black garlic has nearly twice as many antioxidants as raw garlic. It also contains the natural compound, S-Allycysteine.


Lamonica's Pizza DoughFor over 50 years the Lamonica family has been treating its customers to delicious all-natural, frozen pizza dough. With three state of the art frozen dough facilites, located in N.Y and L.A., Lamonica’s is proud to supply the foodservice industry with a dough ball that tastes as if it were made last night in the pizza kitchen.

HACCP trained bakers create each dough ball and pizza skin using only the best ingredients. With over one hundred & fifty years of combined industrial pizza production experience, you can rest assured that your customers will not only speak of your quality toppings, but also the crisp, delicious crust that held it all together.


Fresh ExpressLast month, Discovery Triangle unveiled the Food Express mobile produce market to the community and media at Brunson Lee Elementary. The bus will play a vital role in providing underserved communities located throughout the designated metro food desert with high quality produce at affordable prices.

Mayor Stanton and many other community leaders stepped off the bus upon arrival and spoke to the importance of ensuring that all Valley families have the opportunity to conveniently obtain the fresh fruits and vegetables necessary to promote healthier eating choices in their homes. Upon conclusion, the crowd was invited to a sneak peak inside the retrofitted Valley Metro bus and speak one on one with the those that made this rather ambitious dream a reality.

We are extremely honored to not only be fortunate enough to have the ability to supply Fresh Express with all the produce they will be carrying, but to also have the opportunity to work alongside so many fantastic organizations intent on enriching our community.

View current schedule and further details here.