We’re excited to announce that as of last week we began receiving and shipping spices under our very own label, Culinary Essence. Packaged by Tampico Spice Company, we’re confident that you’ll be blown away by the quality and consistency found within each extraordinarily aromatic bottle. Packed to order in clear, plastic containers, you’ll not only be able to quickly identify the freshness your product and volumes remaining, but eliminate any concern of tearing and waste accompanied with the bagged products distributed by competing brands.

Like us, Tampico is family owned with well over 50 years’ experience within the food processing industry and widely recognized in markets across the Western United States as an established purveyor of high quality herbs and spices. Importing freshly harvested seasoning from around the world, each shipment is stored whole until re-cleaned, ground, sifted and blended within their Los Angeles, CA facility; always in small batches to maintain optimal freshness.

Visit our products page to see all items currently available AND be sure to contact your local representative for samples and to learn more about our generous introductory offer.