In case you missed them at our food show, we’d like to introduce you to one of our newest local partners, Honey Hive Farms.

Based in Peoria, Honey Hive Farms has been producing a variety of raw honey products for the Valley since 2008. Utilizing over 25 hives extending as far as Litchfield Park, this small, family owned business takes great pride in their ability to not only provide Arizona with the fresh nectar it craves, but their uncanny ability to raise and keep the bees that assist the farming community with the pollination of their crops.

“Looking into the future we look forward to continuing are relationships with the great people, customers and small businesses that truly support local products and farmers, while encouraging and supporting others to join us in furthering the areas bee population and honey market taking up some beekeeping of their own.”

-Tim Moore
Owner, Honey Hive Farms

Coming Soon: Hands On Beekeeping Classes. Click here for further details and contact info.

See What All The Buzz Is About!!!

Honey Currently In Stock

Flavor UOM Item #
Mesquite 6# Jug G419806
Orange Blossom 6# Jug G419807
Raw 6# Jug G419804
Wildflower 3# Jug G419805