Our new online ordering system, Edible Store is now live (Tutorial PDF). Offering you a faster, more intuitive ordering experience, it includes:

  • Upgraded user interface
  • Improved scalability, allowing for faster deployment of future enhancements
  • Improved search capabilities and automatic filtering of items displayed
  • Seamless swapping between your standard items and full items catalog.
  • Smoothly transition throughout order table cells with the use of:
    • Mouse
    • Tab
    • Arrows
  • Ability to modify order quantity of individual items in “Cart” during review prior to submission
  • View full “Order History” beginning with first use
  • Review full details of each order
  • Ability to review invoices once processed
  • Search your full order history using a number of search options
    • Date Range
    • Confirmation #
    • Purchase Order
    • Order Status
    • Payment Status
    • Invoice Number

To assist in your businesses transition from our old system, EdibleNet will remain active for the time being to provide customers with additional time familiarizing themselves with the new system, however, it will only be accessible through direct entry of its URL. If you intend on transitioning to our new system at a later time, you can access EdibleNet here (please bookmark/copy the URL for future use). As we phase out EdibleNet notifications will be presented on its login page to keep you up to date as to when we intend to deactivate it.

Please contact with any further questions you may have.