100% natural, fully baked breads & buttery, bake-up pastries are now available from White Toque.


Fully baked breads. 100% natural with excellent flavor and texture. High hydration and several hours of fermentation ensure that these artisan breads are unique and delicious. Made with unbleached, untreated flours.


Ciabatta Plain 6”

Offers a unique flavor and soft, moist crumb.
ITEM #Z400120 | PACK SIZE: 48/4.25oz


Ciabatta Dinner Rolls

Premiere Moisson breads are made from unbleached, untreated flours from select varieties of wheat.

PLAIN: ITEM  #Z400123 | PACK SIZE: 60/1.6oz

MULTIGRAIN: ITEM  #Z400124 | PACK SIZE: 60/1.6oz

w/ OLIVES: ITEM  #Z400125 | PACK SIZE: 60/1.75oz


French Baguette

An artisan French baguette (21’’).
ITEM  #Z400122 | PACK SIZE: 24/12.5oz


French Demi Baguette

Use for sandwiches or soup bar. 8.2″ (21cm).
ITEM  #Z400121 | PACK SIZE: 50ct


Pre-Cut Sandwich Bread

Galician artisan, pointed bread, baked on a stone hearth.
ITEM # Z400119 | PACK SIZE: 26/3.5oz

Bake’Up Pastries

New concept for freezer to oven croissants (will rise while baking)! Already egg washed and buttered, each piece contains a light, flaky texture, with an outstanding taste. As though it were made this morning, every bite provides a light and flaky texture. Imported from France.

  • Space saving case size
  • More product in a smaller case results in cost savings
  • No proofing or slacking – direct from freezer to oven
  • Great for catering & buffets

Large Butter Croissant Bake’Up

Bake at 350°F for 18-22 minutes.
ITEM #Z400100 | PACK SIZE: 70/2.82oz


Large Chocolate Croissant Bake’Up

Bake at 350°F for 18-22 minutes.
ITEM #Z400110 | PACK SIZE: 70/2.64oz


Mini Butter Croissant Bake’Up

Bake at 350°F for 15-18 minutes.
ITEM #Z400111 | PACK SIZE: 200/0.88oz


Mini Chocolate Croissant Bake’Up

Bake at 350°F for 15-18 minutes.
ITEM #Z400120 | PACK SIZE: 180/1.06oz

Grilled & Roasted Vegetables

White Toque’s selection of grilled and roasted vegetables are prepared with the utmost attention to detail. Each vegetable is cut, diced, sliced and prepared to preserve its natural aromas and to give your recipe a boost in flavor and look.


Semi-Dry Marinated Cherry Tomatoes

Flavorful with garlic, salt and oregano these cherry tomatoes are produced in Turkey and make a fantastic pizza topping.
ITEM #Z820600 | PACK SIZE: 22#